Control Panel Finished

The control panel is finished. Here are the final steps.

The diagram was printed on glossy photopaper in my color printer and I sandwiched it between the control panel backing and a sheet of plexiglass. I used a black and white version of the plan as a guide for the drill and held the whole structure tightly using clamps while I drilled the holes in my press drill.

The smaller holes drilled through nice and clean.

The larger ones did not come out so clean but the splintered edges are going to be covered by the washers around the switch.

The three layers that comprise the control panel will be held together using the switches.

The switches hold the three layers together. Switch E’s thread got broken and I was unable to rethread it so this weekend I’ll replace it before doing anything else.

I wanted a very lightweight control panel that I could easily remove for maintenance and I’m pleased with the result. The board can be pulled from it bracket very easily and quickly.