Trestle Diorama Lighting

Over the weekend I started trying to figure out the lighting for the diorama. The diorama shelf will eventually have a couple of 36″ fluorescent lights strung above its whole length. In the meantime I went and purchased a 24″ light which I just sat on top of the diorama. Until the main light is fitted to the diorama level it will light the diorama up on the bottom shelf.

The light came with a bright but cold light so I went out and purchased a couple of warmer but less bright lights to compare.

This light is generated by two 12″ soft white fluorescent bulbs of around 2700K – 3000K. The result is an orange wash across the whole diorama. It seems too dark and not very natural.
This light is generated by two 12″ bright/cool white fluorescent bulbs of around 3500K – 4100K. The result is an much more natural color but a little ‘dry’.

I don’t think that there is an in-between solution but maybe some additional spotlights from the front can bring in some warmer tones when I start using the diorama as a photo box. Close up the cool white light definitely looks much better:

Looks natural.
This is too orange.

I did a quick test of the light on the module cabinet to see how that looks:

The diorama sits nicely in its space. There will be two more dioramas added the bottom shelf. Each one will tell a different story about the branch line.
The light still feels a little dark to me but that may change when I fit the larger fluorescent above it.

Anyhow I’m back working on the diorama this week. I’m doing a bunch of tests with the various materials I have for vegetation etc. I’ll post something on that in the next few days.

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