Vallejo Crackle Medium

This is a product test. I’m testing Vallejo Crackle Medium. I have a couple of uses for it and I want to figure out if the medium will do the job. The first application of the medium is to create cracks in asphalt. I have a method of creating cracks but want to add the crackle medium effect to enhance the overall look of a worn asphalt road. The second application will be in a dry creek bed.

Apply spackle to test beds.

I don't want to do the test on a flat surface and instead want a somewhat rougher surface that replicates a worn asphalt road surface.

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Spray undercoat

Select whatever color you want for the cracks to appear.

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Use a brush to apply crackle medium

I'm still trying to figure out what amount creates what effect but for now I just spread it on in a medium amount. Later tests will test amount. Use a dryer to dry it out a little and get it to look slightly milky.

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Add top coat

Select top coat color - I chose white but will over spray a little later.

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Use hairdryer to start the cracking process

The hairdryer will bring out the cracks.

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Added final color and varnish

As I wanted to test this in a roadway situation I painted the surface asphalt grey. I will do another test where I play with the cracks by wearing them down a bit and adding more ground texture.

This test was finished with Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish and came out completely flat. I was very pleased.

This test was finished with Krylon (Enamel?) Matt Varnish and came out having a slight sheen. It was not the finish I was looking for but will definitely find a place in my modeling at some point.

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Not all cracks are useful. It is important that the cracks look random and not look too decorative. If that is the case they may need working on with a weathering tool to transform them to something more realistic - a truly miniature version of the real thing.

Nevertheless I think Vallejo crackle medium would make a fine addition to the elements that make up the road surface and I will be using it as part of my roadway tests.

The area in red feels too decorative and not realistic. Those edges need working on with a knife or some other weathering tool.

The area marked in blue would work really well on a road surface and I may end up cutting out pieces like this to create patches on the road.

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Create test board

I created a test board with notes for future reference. I will be doing variations on these tests and will create more test boards to store the results.

Looks like I will need to use a regular printer to print out steps and materials. The label printer is too awkward to use in this situation. Nevertheless I have a nice board to refer to say in six months time when I will have forgotten much of what was done today.

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