Over the last year, mainly due to Covid, I’ve been working from home. It’s fine for a while but after too long indoors I have to go out. For a while I just drove the car to random places, but then I decided if I had to go out I would go and photograph railways. But here’s the thing, I’m not a huge fan of locomotives,  rolling stock or trains, instead my main interest is in the infrastructure: the track, the depots, the bridges, culverts, street running. So in the last year I’ve been going out with my bike and photographing railroad infrastructure around California. By now I’ve probably taken around 20,000 pictures. If anyone is interested in seeing them they are located here.

Most are just a plain ‘ole record of the railroad – not artistic in any way – but every now and then I take a picture which I think would look nice on the wall. Therefore I decided to get a few printed and framed and will decorate my new hobby space with them.

The pictures are 20′ X 16′ (10X8) and I get them printed at Walgreens. If I order a print they are usually ready within an hour or two – a very fast turnaround.


I’m a huge fan of street running and especially of abandoned track in paved areas. This is a picture of a track – no longer used – on Mare Island.


Abandoned and paved trackwork in Petaluma, CA. Whereas someone might not see anything attractive about a scene like this I think it is very atmospheric.


I’m currently in the process of selecting more pictures. They will be framed and placed along the top of the walls – similar to how they appear here.