West Side Finished

It is now finished. No doubt I’ll keep tweaking it by adding flowers and colors but for now enough is done for me to really focus on the creek bed.

I wanted to add a scree. A real scree of course will have formed out of broken rocks from a rock face located above the scree. The embankment has no such source of rocks so I created a story of an earth slippage caused by rain that created a scar in the soil. Once that was in place I just added the vegetation around.

By now I actually have bunch of techniques at my service so I had much more control over how this side came together. As such it looks more realistic and there is a clear story being told about the trestle and embankment. I’m very pleased with it and feel ready to move on. My only small complaint is that there is not enough range in color ie too much green but I’ll need to experiment more at a later date with a wider range of colors before applying more color to future models.

I’ll have progress on the creek bed next week.

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