The Model

The overall story will be told across four modules and several dioramas. These units will live in two purpose built cabinets: each cabinet will hold two modules and up to three dioramas. I’ve built the first cabinet. I’m working on the second module and the first diorama. Each unit will tell a different story about the branch line.

As my modeling skills improve I will go back and update/upgrade earlier work such as buildings and trackwork. I have several projects planned for The Depot module (the first module) next year.

I’ve designed a special cassette system to move the local freight easily between the modules. I hope to run a proper timetable and perform the necessary switching to move a train from one end of the line the other.

The Modules

  • The start of the line – locomotive service and transfer yard.
  • The Depot – ¬†grain elevator and freight house.
  • The Town – disused station, interurban freight operation, and some industry.
  • The end of the line – mining operation and some of the mining town.

The Dioramas

  • The trestle – a bridge built near the start of the climb into the hill region.
  • The interurban – some industry served by the still functioning part of the electric traction line.
  • …. more to come.