The Route

The 100 mile long branch starts in the east where it connects to the mainline. There is a small locomotive depot located at the junction of the two lines and this engine facility hosts the two locomotives that run along the line. There is also a small transfer yard where freight cars are deposited for transfer between the branch and the mainline.

As it heads west across the plains the line serves the farming industry and grain elevators make up a large proportion of the line’s customers. There are only a few towns along the route. The Town module I am building (no name yet) represents the largest town along the route. This town at one time contained an electric traction line that connected with a couple of smaller towns north and south of the branch line. Most of the traction line has been abandoned apart from a small section that remains within the town to connect to a few industries.

As you head further west you eventually reach a small series of hills. The hills look like small ripples in the landscape as seen from the sky. Our branch line diverts into them to eventually reach a small mining town (mineral not yet determined – probably copper). The local mine is nearing closure as the mineral has largely been worked out. If the branch survives its own threat of closure then this part will still probably be abandoned as there are no other customers for the line this far west.

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