Back to tracklaying

Just three more turnouts and one crossover to do. The remaining track lives on three sections. Here’s the first one. It has two turnouts. I’ve set up my other desk to work on it away from the main table. It’s laborious but fun. I just put some music on in the background and work on it late at night. My rivets have not yet arrived from the UK so I’m just continuing on with the PCB ties. I’ll have the ties laid by the weekend and will build the turnouts next week.

I decided to work on a separate table so that I can jump between the diorama and the tracklaying easily.
The PCB ties needed to be raised in height in order to match the wooden ties. I added shims to each strip.
I weathered and stained the wooden ties.
I used Indian ink to stain them. I’ll do a proper staining of the ties with my markers once I know how each stretch of track is going to look.
I jump between glues for the ties. The PCB ties have to stuck down with two part epoxy. The wooden ties are stuck down with PVA glue.
So by the end of tonight I’m about halfway. I should have the ties laid by the weekend.
It’s a nice clean space for laying ties. I put some music on in the background and worked on it when everyone else had gone to bed.

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