Creek bed almost done

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks detailing out the creek bed. It’s a process of layering primarily. I added one class of vegetation (such as grass tufts) each evening and then saw how that looked before continuing with a different class of vegetation (such as flowers). Things are slowly coming together. I’m not sure now if I need to keep working at it. I’m just about ready to add water. While I wait for the Woodland Scenics water to arrive I’ve been working on small details elsewhere – adding a vine to the trestle and flowers here and there. I may still add a fence to the east side to balance things out a little. I’ll do that over the weekend.

More details have been added such as a fallen trestle leg, more flowers, plants, grass etc. I could keep going but don’t want to crowd out the area.
I detailed the creek bed to the back. I may still add small details here and there but it is now ready for me to add water.
Not sure about the vines but I’ll probably keep them.
I have a small truck to add to the road. I’ll weather it this weekend.
I will add another fence over on the east (right) side to balance things out. That side was my first attempt at scenery and sort of lacks a focus and definition. The fence might help.