Flowers and plants

So tonight I spent some time adding flowers and plants. Things are coming together slowly. I’m carefully positioning all the elements to try to create nicely composed scene. A rock here, a stone there, some weeds here, some grass there – it should all combine to create a credible picture but one that is nice to look at too. I’m enjoying finding that balance between real life and a pretty picture.

Grass is not one color or texture. There is a gentle variation of color within the strands but a group or area of grass strands can have several ‘sweeps’ of color. By mixing the colors of the static grass you can have a nice variation of color at a ‘granular’ level but by using an airbrush you can capture those colorful sweeps as well.

To get the ‘sweep’ effect I gently sprayed the grass to bring out a second tone. I think it looks great. Very subtle and much like real life. I’m excited to try this method using different colors and materials.
In go some flowers, stones, reeds etc. I’m not crazy about those reeds but they do add some very striking texture to the overall effect. This process is done in layers and over time this area will get dense with details.
I continue to work on this area and fill it out with tiny plant details. The tiny plants are hard to see at first but eventually add up to display a rich and detailed scene.

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