Final stretch

At last on the final stretch of the tracklaying. I’ve laid the ties and will get to the track itself tomorrow. Just a few notes:

  1. I realized that weathering the ties once they are glued down is much easier than doing it beforehand. The firm base makes using the various weathering tools much less exhausting. This also means that I can just go ahead and use pre-cut un-weathered ties rather than cutting my own. I’ll get to the weathering tomorrow.
  2. I stopped using my tie spacer. In the end just eyeballing the ties gave me a nice effect and sped up the whole process. As a result the ties have a realistic variety of spacings between them that adds character to the track and reflects the poor maintenance and wear of the roadbed.
  3. I may pull up some of the non-crossing ties later as I may have to change the surrounding ground and roadbed to reflect its use (the car bar and coal spur).
  4. I’m just laying the track around the turnout and crossing. I’ll lay the rest of the rail once the ballast and earth is in place between ties.
I decided to combine the two last sections.
Halfway through the project I realized that I could weather the ties after they were laid. Those ties are the unweathered ones around the turnout.
I left off the coal spur ties as the track is going to be raised for the coal dock.
I’m once again using the Tim Warris method to lay the crossover. There are few cut ties that I need to add. I’ll do that tomorrow.
At last the final turnout! I’m glad this stage is nearly over.

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