I’m back

Well hasn’t nearly two years flown by!

I had to stop all modeling activities due to a change of home. My wife and I got fed up trying to squeeze our family life, child, drums, trains, piano etc into our previous home. With a change of job on my part we had the opportunity to purchase a larger house in the same suburban town where we live. It’s about five miles away from our old house and is set in a redwood grove next to the national park. We are surrounded by greenery and the new house is definitely a step up from our previous home.

Old house for sale. We had to clear drums and model train out before we could sell it.

The house is 3800 square feet (twice the size of our previous home) and has a separate garage. Underneath the garage there are two more rooms which I decided to use for my hobbies: drums and model trains.

The only hiccup in the overall plan was that the train room was in a bare unfinished state and was not ‘model train ready’. The drum room however was habitable and I had a drum sound booth built in the space to play and practice drum without disturbing my wife and neighbours.

The first room is finished and I built a drum booth here.

However I am days away from the train room remodeling project being finished and I’m ready to get back to the hobby.

The second room was good for storage but to use it for model trains it needed to be remodeled. That process has nearly finished and I’ll be ready to inhabit it in a few days.