New modeling center

I finally finished my new train room. All modeling had been on hold while the room was remodeled, furnished and organized.

Before remodeling:

Just empty bare unfinished walls, the room was basically in good condition.
I just need to get the walls paneled and finished and then add lighting and plenty of power outlets.

The work took four weeks and was completed by a friend/contractor.

Here’s the empty finished room:

Once that was done. I needed to get all my tools and materials sorted out. I had  ton of stuff stored in the crawl space and there was no way I could start modeling until that was brought back up and organized.

After spending a few weeks getting things out I got the room into pretty good shape:

I installed shelves to hold all my materials such as glues, ground cover, and large paint cans. I wanted to be able to pull things off the shelf and put them back quickly.
Takeout food containers. I used these to store a range of modeling items. They can be brought to the table easily and prevent the work bench from getting too messy.
Woodworking bench. Most of my heavy tools are in the crawlspace and I will do any major woodworking down there. But for the train room this has been installed for medium level work.
Paint storage and main work area. I wanted easy access to my paint and small tools that I use regularly. These makeup shelves do the job pretty well.
At the opposite end from the shelves I will be installing kitchen units and a sink. They are on order with Ikea (nothing fancy and very cheap). As soon as they arrive I will have them installed.

So anyhow that’s where I am at for the moment. I’ve started modeling and will post again on how that is going.