Back to tracklaying

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last worked on this project. I first made a critical mistake by soldering down code 83 rail instead of code 70. That cost me two hours work and left my nice tie work looking terrible. I then realized that I had no more code 70 rail left.

I purchased more rail from Fast Tracks. The rail arrived last week and so I fully intended to start laying track again this weekend. However I found myself with heavy heart before starting. ¬†Once out of the flow of things getting back into it is hard! I’ve been so focused on the diorama that I switching projects right now involves a major mental switch. I wasn’t able to do it over the weekend so I’m planning to start tonight. I’ve created a separate workspace for the tracklaying away from the diorama. Tonight I’ll just do one rail and then the others during the week.

My main work space is full of the diorama right now.
So I’ve cleared a separate space on my other table to continue track laying.

The process is partly production but also partly figuring out a new method of laying track. I’ll have to step carefully through this. Some days I just wish I could use commercial track and be done with it. At some point soon I’m going to purchase some commercial track and try to get it looking as nice as hand-laid track. Maybe I’ll get to it after the diorama is finished.

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