West Side

I continue to plug away at the diorama and spent this week working on the westside embankment. I wanted to add a scree. A real scree of course will have formed out of broken rocks from a rock face located above the scree. The embankment has no such source of rocks so I created a story of an earth slippage caused by rain that created a scar in the soil. I’m not finished, this is just the first treatment to get the scar in place and surround with a variety of grass. I’m ready to add the remaining vegetation plus a small fence similar to the one on the opposite bank. Still lots to do but I’m enjoying taking my time and working on small areas bit by bit.

This is just the first pass of grass and stones. Not very attractive right now but once plants are added this whole side will look much more interesting.
I still have to work on the creek – the grass and stones that you can see were just a placeholder while I worked on the embankments. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to really get to detail out the creek bed and surrounding banks.
This side immediately looks much better with the trestle in place. I’m planning to put a vine along the trestle legs. The legs also still need to be properly embedded into the soil. That will be one of the final tasks.


The diorama is really starting to come together.

Tomorrow I’ll add some brambles and start building the fence.

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