Planting plants

I wanted to figure out a way to plant tiny plants. I find that the more plants I place the more realistic the scene looks. Although tiny plants and flowers can just be balanced on top a blob of glue the grass tends to get in the way and the plant sort of floats above the grass. I wanted to figure out how to plant plants so they they point straight up and are fixed solidly to the ground.

This is what I came up with:

I used superglue and thin brass wire. I cut the wire to about 5mm.
I then superglued the plant to the wire. The plants come from Scenic Express
I then drilled a hole that was a bit smaller in diameter than the brass wire.
Using my tweezers to hold the plant by the wire I pushed the wire into the hole. The plant is solidly planted and pointing straight up.
In this example I took a single thread of string and dipped it into glue and fine flock. Then I used the brass wire method to plant this plant. It looks perfect and has quite a bit of detail at a very tiny size.
I’m not sure what plant this would be but it serves the purpose of adding specific detail and brings the scene to life just that little bit more.
Planted with brass wire. I’m planning to add a range of small plants and a fence up at this end of the road.

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