Trestle west side

I worked on the diorama this weekend. This is a very in-between view of where I’m at and even as I write I’ve made more progress. I worked on the west back corner. I used the same techniques from the east side to do the grass and the brambles. Things are looking a bit rough but over the next week or some I’ll fine tune the vegetation and it should start look more natural and vibrant (it’s a bit flat right now). My only thought right now is that things are looking very green and there is not much variation in color. I’ll fix that by adding plants and more colored vegetation.

In order to add layers of vegetation or rock or stone I have to set the diorama on it’s edge but it’s nice to be reminded that I have just one corner left to do.

Things are looking a little flat over here. I’ll spend the week tweaking the brambles and bushes and will try to add more plants and more color.

Not quite ready to tackle the creek bed but once the west front side is done I’ll be able to really get to it. The blue river at the back is going to be removed in favor of something that will fit the scene better.

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